Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Akiesha Anderson

2016-2017 Editor-In-Chief, Volume XI



The Southern Journal of Policy and Justice (SJPJ) is excited to kick off the 2016-2017 academic year! Along with being proud to have the honor of serving as Volume XI's Editor-In-Chief, I am super excited about the goals and theme of this year's journal!


As both a law student and member of multiple marginalized groups, it is impossible for me to ignore the seemingly normalized and continuous state-sanctioned violence against members of minority communities. It is my belief that now, more than ever, it is important for traditionally marginalized and ignored voices to have a space such as SJPJ to express our unique worldview and truths regarding such matters. This journal provides an outlet for both professional and student-authored works that embody the Journalís mission of serving as a vehicle for social, economic, and political uplift in the Southern African-American community. Throughout the year we will receive, review, and publish numerous article and blog submissions from students and professionals who desire to discuss topics relevant to the journal's mission and theme.


This year's theme will be: "No Justice, Just US: Tapping into Our Collective Anger to Confront the Unbalanced Scales of Justice and Institutionalized Oppression Perpetuated By Our Legal System." In honor of this theme, we encourage legal scholars to submit any articles they have written that discuss concepts such as racism, patriarchy, xenophobia, bigotry, and other problematic notions at play within our nations laws and policies.

Our goal this year is to be extremely vocal about the continual violence against people of color (and other marginalized groups) that our nation's laws and policies continue to reinforce. We aim to be able to view and discuss violence against people of color in all of the various forms that it takes. Whether you believe that violence has presented itself in the form of education policies, voting rights challenges, gun legislation efforts, government surveillance, or elsewhere, we would love to have you write about it!

Please note that all perspectives on pressing social issues are welcomed--our intent as a journal is not to be polarizing in our analysis of topics. In the interest of fruitful dialogue, we aim to be receptive to fresh and unique perspectives from all sides of any issue. Also, please know that submitted articles do not have to be based solely on policy and social concerns. All articles centered on legal issues that impact marginalized and/or racial-minority communities are welcome. In past years, articles selected for publication have focused on present and future legal challenges that adversely affect minority groups.


The deadline to submit articles for the 2016-2017 publication cycle is December 16, 2016.


Please email your submissions to srblsa.chiefeditor@nblsa.org.


Best Regards,

Akiesha Anderson

 The University of Alabama School of Law

J.D. Candidate, Class of 2017

Editor-in-Chief, Southern Journal of Policy & Justice,Volume XI


Recent Law Journal Name Change

The original name of this journal, The SRBLSA Law Journal, has been changed to The Southern Journal of Policy & Justice. This name change amendment is the result of a unanimous decision by the journal's executive board members in 2013. The new name reflects the journal's current vision and goals.