In the Spring of 2015, we will publish Volume IX of the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice.
The Southern Journal of Policy and Justice would like to congratulate its law journal members from the 2013-2014 academic year!

Executive Board
Jerome Frierson - Editor-in-Chief
Justin Jack - Executive Editor
Breanna Freeman - Executive Managing Editor
Alneada Biggers - Symposium Executive
Nabila Abdulhafiz - Marketing Executive
Ashley Upkins - Executive Board Secretary
Matthew Pi - Circulation Executive

Editorial Staff
Michael Augustin - Managing Editor
Ashley White - Managing Editor
Stephanie Brown - Managing Editor
Brandon Harris - Managing Editor
Kristen Lee - Senior Editor
Kimberlee McTorry - Senior Editor
Phillip Charles - Senior Editor
Brittney Finch - Senior Editor
Corey Harris - Senior Editor
Ali Awad - Senior Editor
Rene Cousins - Senior Editor


Recent Law Journal Name Change

The original name of this journal, The SRBLSA Law Journal, has been changed to The Southern Journal of Policy & Justice. This name change amendment is the result of a unanimous decision by the journal's executive board members in 2013. The new name reflects the journal's current vision and goals.


We are proud to announce that Volume VIII of the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice under the theme "Ending the Scourge of Disenfranchisement: The Evolution of Social Justice in America" is currently being printed.  They will be dispersed shortly.


Articles published:

Ali Awad

The Social Injustice of Discretion From an Immigration Perspective: How Law Enforcement Agencies Illegally De-Americanize VISA Applicants



Cheng-Yu Hou

Perry v. Brown: The Non-Toothless Rational Basis Review, a Renewed Evaluation of the Same-Sex Marriage Legislation



Kimberlee McTorry

Death of Unpaid Internships, the Rise of Social Equality: Legality of Unpaid Internships Under the Fair Labor Standards Act



Stephanie Brown

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Employment Law: How Mandatory Arbitration Perpetuates Disparate Impact in Statutory Disputes


Rasheena Latham

Who Really Murdered Trayvon? A Critical Analysis of the Relationship Between Institutional Racism in the Criminal Justice System and Trayvon Martin's Death



J. D. Cooley

Baby Girl's Fate: Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl - Placing a Child's Chose Parental Path in the Hands of the United States Supreme Court



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